Some of the Best Encouragement

This year has been an awesome experience writing this blog and sharing my encouragement and inspirations with all you readers and followers. I thought that doing this blog was more of a forced school assignment, but I have grown to love it. I am even inspired and encouraged by the quotes that I find and put in my blog posts. To wrap up this amazing rookie year of blogging, I want to share my final takes on three of the quotes that I have found that have really inspired me this sophomore year of high school.

How You Deal with Imperfections Picture Quote


When I first started this blog, I tried to think of personal experiences that would inspire people. It was so hard because I didn’t want to tell of all my flaws and how I’ve fixed them. Flaws are just embarrassing!  But I posted of my flaws anyway like how stressed out I got and how much I would cry over the death of a loved one and people responded so positively to them. This quote explains pretty much my whole blogging experience in two sentences. You honestly don’t have to be perfect to encourage and inspire others, you just have to be able to be open about how you fail and about your imperfections and it will give others the example to follow.



Nervousness Picture Quote

This quote from my English teacher continues to inspire me so much. Especially right now since it’s the other time of the year where every high school students starts to worry, panic and stress out about their finals. It just reminds me that I really do care about school and my grades and even though I’m nervous about borderline grades and everything, it’s okay because it just shows how much I care.





Most of the quotes that I find are from anonymous people and those are so inspiring. It’s from an author named H. Jackson Brown Jr. whose book is right above his picture. He has come up with 511 suggestions on how you can be more joyful and happy. This quote has 5 things in that book but they are so small that we feel that we can’t sacrifice our time in order to do them. What if today was your last day, you would never be able to do that small joy again because you thought it was too minor? Especially for me while I’m doing all my homework and studying, I take a break and go on social media instead of going outside and taking in the fresh air. This quote has helped me to learn to always make time for the little joys in life instead of passing them by.

Small Joys Picture Collage

I hope these quotes are encouraging and inspiring to you too. If you ever need all of them in one spot, there is a place. Feel free to look at them and draw as much inspiration as you need.

This is Kayleen signing off for a first successful year of encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.


Night or Day? Silence or Standing Up?

Night Silence

In Elie Wiesel’s Night, a Jewish man gets sent to a concentration camp before the rest of the people in his town did and he came back to try to warn his fellow people about the pain and the bad things that come with concentration camp. He sounded real but nobody wanted to believe him. They were trying to be positive and they tried to think that would never happen but it led to their downfall when they met their match and were put into a concentration camp and weren’t prepared.

Night Separated

It doesn’t take much to say something really powerful. Especially in this novel, the author doesn’t have to say much to make the message and what the Jews went through so powerful and real. He only has to take 115 pages full of words to prove her point. It only took him 8 words to explain how hard it was to separate from family and not be able to ever see them again or even know how they’re doing when they’re at the same camp as you, but separated.

Night Silence 2

Silence is a huge theme in this novel and it doesn’t just have to relate to the Holocaust. These two quotes bring up the cliche quote that everyone says

“Evil prevails when good men do nothing.”

So just because this novel talks about what happened in the past, it doesn’t mean that we can’t apply the same things to our lives today.




“Nervousness isn’t a bad thing. It just shows that you care.” – David Theriault

My group and I were in the hallway talking to Mr. Theriault and one of the girls in my group said she was scared for her swim meet. And for those of you who play a sport know about those butterflies you get every once in a while that just build up and get worse the closer you get to your game, meet, or competition. Continue reading “Nervousness”

There Are Benefits

I thought at first that not taking AP European history was a mistake and I thought I was missing out on a good opportunity to make my college apps look better and challenge myself to be a better student. However, now…


After I’ve heard from friends, there have been benefits from my decision. I don’t have to stay up into the early hours of the morning doing homework for AP Euro, stressing out, studying for a test, or just trying to not die in all my other classes. Even though I thought I missed an opportunity, now I’m content with my choice.

I’ve realized that I’m probably not going to be all too confident with many of the decisions I’m going to make in high school. But, once you decide, there’s no turning back and there’s no backing out. You just have to deal with whatever you have chosen for yourself. Even though I know that some of the decisions I will make within the next two years may not be the way I want them to be, I realize that I’ll have to be content with my decision and be confident that whatever I decide is part of what is meant for me to do.

Btw, if you have people taking AP Euro in your class but you’re not, you might get to watch some Parks and Recreation during class. Just to inform you… (:


Success Is Possible

I wrote a blog post before about how my group and I were doing a project to implement a recycling project on our campus. In a previous post, I talked about our trial, temporary cardboard recycling bins.

2014-06-18 (4)

Now, those went okay. I’m not going to over exaggerate the outcome and say it was super duper fabulous because I have to say it wasn’t the best.

We used our signs and put what could not be on the signs. However, we thought that people might have read the sign as if it was okay to put those things in there. So, we ended up getting a lot of food and chip bags, which aren’t able to be recycled. So, when it came time to put all of our “earnings” into the huge recycling bin, we found many chip bags and other food bags with plastic on the outside and foil on the inside.

Another problem was people throwing all their trash and leftovers from their lunch into a brown paper bag and throwing the whole thing in the bin without separating it out. So, when we had to separate the recyclables from non-recyclables, we would have to pick out all of the food pieces in order to get only 5% non-recyclables.

Screenshot 2014-06-18 at 8.34.49 PM
We also didn’t bold the EXCEPT part which could’ve been a factor as well.

So, for this time with the permanent bins, we made sure to change the sign. We also put them in new and improved positions that would likely get more people to put more recyclables in. For this sign, we put what could be put in and so far, we have gotten much better results and another thing contributing could be that since the permanent bins have a hole in the lid, only certain things will fit into the hole without opening the lid.

Screenshot 2014-06-18 at 8.37.45 PM

Overall our permanent bins look much more professional and the signs are definitely more visible on the lid of the bins which will has been getting us better results than the last time. Our temporary bins were very flimsy and often blew around if there wasn’t enough material in the bin to weigh it down. But, with our permanent bins, we also added a brick to the bottom of the bin to ensure that the bins wouldn’t move unless someone picked them up.

2014-06-18 (3)
We transported our bins on a cart along with the bricks that were put in the bottom. We also brought the trash bags as well.
2014-06-18 (1)
An example of what went into our new permanent bins. We have had some great results with all the right things going in! :)

This project has definitely taken up a lot of time, however, it has been so worthwhile to see something you do be implemented and finished and to see people using the bins. It feel so good to help out the environment and learn new things along the way.

We also presented our project and ideas for the future at our schools Innovation Symposium and that was a great success in which we were able to talk to many people about what we were doing and it was awesome to see their eyes light up at the idea of having a new recycling program to be implemented. Hope this inspires you to go out there and try something new and not be scared to fail because you never know what could happen.

These are links to pages, posts, and presentations we created during the course of our time of this project over the last 8 months. Enjoy!

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Presentation About the Beginnings of our Project: This presentation is one that we did in front of our class before we put out our temporary cardboard bins talking about how we were going to plan to execute our idea and the steps we needed to take to get there.

Presentation that we Presented at the Innovation Symposium: This presentation is one that we did at the Innovation Symposium and presented on different computers in front of us while we talked with people behind the table.