We Fill Gaps

“I dunno, she’s got gaps, I got gaps, together we fill gaps.” -Rocky Balboa (1976)

There are just those friends and people that just fill gaps, ya know. Okay, so maybe you don’t know because you might not have met those people that fill your gaps yet.  But that’s okay you’ll find them.

I have two friends that I have gotten really close with this year and it sometimes seems that we have become three musketeers. 




Not those three musketeers. Even though that candy bar is the bomb. More like 3 friends that are really close. Three peas in a pod perhaps.

We’ve done a lot of things together this year and have gotten to know each other more. We know what makes each other laugh, what makes each other upset, and the list goes on and on. But this friendship has definitely given me more stability through the winding roads of high school and has definitely supported me through everything I have gone through. Sometimes I would be nervous about something and the two of them would comfort me and remind me that I don’t need to be scared. Maybe the two of them would be upset over something and I would just be the one to be there to listen. Or one of us would accomplish a feat and the two of us would rejoice with them and congratulate them for achieving that one thing.

Those other two girls fill my gaps when I’m down and they fill my gaps after I’ve done something great. I can be the one to fill their gaps and encourage them when they’re down or be the one that they can vent to with what’s going on.


In life, we just need to find those people that complement us well and fill our gaps. Maybe that could be your future husband or wife or it could be two of your closest friends. Hoping that you’ll be able to find your gap fillers and missing pieces to your life’s puzzle.

I wanted to end this post with my favorite scene from Rocky I.




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