“Nervousness isn’t a bad thing. It just shows that you care.” – David Theriault

My group and I were in the hallway talking to Mr. Theriault and one of the girls in my group said she was scared for her swim meet. And for those of you who play a sport know about those butterflies you get every once in a while that just build up and get worse the closer you get to your game, meet, or competition.



If you say you don’t ever get that nervousness, you must either be lying or be super calm and not human. Everyone gets nervous about things and it may not even be related to sports.

I know I get nervous around the end of the year when finals start coming around because sometimes my whole grade may depend on what I get on that final for the class. No matter how much I try to calm myself down, the nerves still pop back up and never seem to go away until after.



It’s hard to not be nervous but after hearing what my teacher said makes me not feel so bad about being nervous.

Concerning finals and tests, being nervous and doing your best to study before it, just shows that you care about your grades and want to do the best you possibly can.

Concerning athletics, don’t ever think that being nervous means that you’re going to do terrible because you’re worrying too much. Being nervous just shows that you want to do the best you can for your teammates, your coach, the fans, your family, your friends…

But most importantly, for yourself. 

Being nervous doesn’t show weakness, it shows your dedication and how much you really care.

Comment below on what makes you nervous!! (:



2 thoughts on “Nervousness

  1. I usually get really nervous when it comes to the end of the year and the last week of school (which it is now) mainly because my borderline grades make me stressed. But with enough preparation, studying, and talking with my inspirational friends, the tests don’t seem so bad. I think the way to overcome nervousness is either to work it out yourself or to get your amazing friends to help you out!

  2. Oh yeah definitely. But this quote always brings me back to the reminder that I just care so much that I want to do good in all my classes. Let this quote be a helpful reminder to you during this stressful week!

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