Think About It…

I feel that the things that happened to Sean Severson last week is circulating WordPress blog posts and on so many social media websites. I don’t want to highlight my condolences for him and his family and his close friends but I do want to acknowledge them because I already feel that such sad thoughts come through with that. But, I do want to highlight something else that my English teacher talked about.



He talked about how every time his family is together and they hear a fire truck siren start to blare or a police car siren go off…

They have a moment of silence.

And in the quiet of that moment, they send out their prayers, concerns, or condolences to the police officers, firefighters, paramedics, people, and family members that are involved in that emergency or accident.

On the morning that Sean Severson was hit by the car, I was walking through the parking lot and I was almost on campus when the firetruck pulled out of the station that’s located across the street from the school campus. I was walking with my friend and I kept walking but only merely looked at the fire truck coming out onto the street. I didn’t put any thought into it or could have even possibly imagined that one of my peers was just hit by a car no less than a mile down the street.

When my teacher talked about that in class, it truly convicted me. I thought about it and I took myself back to that moment. Did I really think about what just happened or was I merely just caring about myself and trying to just get to class?

Think about it… You’re just walking, a fire truck siren goes off going to help someone just like you who was just hit by a car and you just keep walking. That’s what I felt as I was sitting my seat during class.

Yesterday, I was walking off campus and I hear a fire truck siren and I didn’t stop walking so I wouldn’t hold up the people that were behind me but I did think about what my English teacher said and I did send out my prayers to those involved. I don’t know what that situation entailed; but I do know that the talk my English teacher gave me convicted me enough to change my whole perspective.

I hope this blog post gives you a reminder or even a new idea to send out your prayers and condolences to those. The next time that siren goes off; take a moment of silence and think about what might happen if you don’t think about what they’re going through.


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