Immense Pressure

Competition, teamwork, and points are up for grabs…

The newest addition to class is the BRAWL. Thinking of questions, answering several, then being “tribute” and representing your group. It’s a lot of pressure and the mood is very intense. There’s the constant looking around the room and sizing up competition to see who are the strongest competitors in the class. But overall, there’s the idea of representing yourself but having the weight of your team on your shoulders. 

Sometimes in sports the odds can be stacked against you and you may feel like the weight of your team or even the world are on your shoulders. There may be immense pressure to impress or maybe not to disappoint the fans, your teammates or maybe your coach. 

Just remember that everything doesn’t have to be perfect and the pressure doesn’t need to get to you. In anything, all you have to do is do the best you can, because if you give all your effort and 110%, no one can get upset at you. You put in everything you got and good results will always occur. Try to never be overwhelmed by pressure because it always makes it worse. Do the best you can and no one can ever be upset at you for that. 


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