Trials Do Lead to Success

“Success without trials is like an ocean without water, it doesn’t exist.” – Scottie Somers

I mentioned before how if your first plan doesn’t work there is always opportunities to try again. At my school, my group and I were planning to implement a recycling program for the longest time. And guess what… hard work and trials lead to success!

It took a lot of switching of plans and figuring out the minor details but the trial run bins for our recycling program were finally put out this week on Monday.

We had to go to so many people and work out so many things but it finally paid off. When we first had our plans changed, it was detrimental to our group’s optimism for the moment until we were able to take a step back and see that it was possible to change our plans.

This is just one way where trials can lead to success. With hard work and determination, things can happen and progress can be made. It just goes to show that you should never give up on what you want to do because you can always make it happen, you don’t ever have to give up.


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