Take What You Have and Make it Better

I’m trying to not get emotional writing this blog post right now. This blog post is going to have a lot of feeling and I hope you feel the emotion that’s in my heart right now writing it.

This past Saturday, I attended the funeral of my auntie that has been fighting the toughest battle with cancer for the last three years. I don’t think I told you readers that she passed away but the morning after she passed, I broke down in tears when my mom told me. If you’re new to my site, you can read my first post about her here.

-Joy is what happens to us...- Quote Picture

At her funeral, they showed the slideshow and that was when everything became real for me. The last time I saw her before she passed away, she was in a lot of pain, but she still had that contagious smile that I admired so much about her. You could tell she was suffering and it was her time to go soon but she still wasn’t complaining or regretting anything she had done or feeling sorry for herself. She was still her joyful self.

When I saw her in those pictures, she has the same joyful smile in all of the pictures no matter the circumstance. Even in one of the pictures, she had the biggest smile when she was at her treatment. To me, that speaks truth. I know I wouldn’t be smiling at treatment, I would definitely be feeling sorry for myself and trying to attract attention to my situation. But my auntie still made everything so positive and joyful.

What amazes me just as much as her is the way her family was at the funeral. They were so calm and content even though their wife and mother had passed away. They were so content with her life and how she had affected them in the short 50 years that she lived. They took their situation and the loss of their family member and turned into something better. They remembered and realized that she was in a better place where she would no longer have to suffer from the pain of her radiation and chemotherapy. They acted just like their mother and wife would have.

My auntie never made anything seem harder or worse than it needed to be. She always made everything seem 1,000 times better than it was supposed to be. Her family acted the same way.

On a totally different note, in class my group took four little poems that were satisfactory on their own and picked parts of each to create an even better  poem that conveyed an even better theme in a better way.

My auntie seemed to do the same things. She took so many trials and problems but seemed to make them into something that was better and so much more positive.

Even though my auntie isn’t still here and she can’t keep inspiring me on Earth, I have her family to inspire me as they take what they’re given and make it better. I miss my auntie a lot but she’s always going to be in my heart and my mind.


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