Would You Give A Jacket?

Would You Give Your Jacket to a Cold Boy or Girl in Syria?

I love SOS Norway’s video. The company made this video to try to bring attention to their organization in which their donations are currently supporting buying winter clothing for those in Syria. So many of the children in Syria are in poverty or are refugees and they are in dire need of clothing for the super cold temperatures there.

This video is so encouraging because there are some people who give up their mittens and sacrifice their fingers freezing to help the little boy out. There are some people who gave up their jacket and were wearing a short sleeve t-shirt or tank top under their winter jacket but still sacrificed to help the little boy out.

Those generous people were so sacrificial and you could really tell that the little boy appreciated it. If those people are willing to sacrifice and give up their winter jacket even though they’re cold too, I can do little things to sacrifice for others even though I might be thinking of myself.


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