Are You a True or Fake Friend?

I recently introduced a new page where you could submit problems to me and I could find a quote or blog post for you to help you out and I have my first “patient” but they wish to remain anonymous.

He/she has been depressed and upset because their grades have been falling and they feel that their parents are making it worse because they’re pushing them to do better like they’re not even putting in any effort to get them up. They want to talk to friends but they feel like they won’t listen so they have no one to vent to and they are in dire need of encouragement.

I would first say that I’m here for you and that I can always give you encouragement. I would tell you that true friends are always going to be there and won’t care what your problems are and they’ll be there for you to vent and they’ll express concern for your situation. I’ve had experience with this and I have one friend who I can always talk to about problems and she always shows concern for whatever I’m going through. I would consider her one of my best friends now and now she comes to me with her problems and we have the same kinds of concerns and we can talk about them together.

My advice would be to just go out there and express your feelings and you can find out who are your true friends. I would hope that they show concern and be willing to discuss your problem with your slipping grades and if not a back up plan is always finding me in person, if you know me, and allowing me to help you.

I hope that your true friends will show their real friendship and help you and give you support and you can find out who’s fake and who won’t give you advice or help you out.


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