Last Pick

First of all, I love Jeremy Lin. I love him as a basketball player and as a role model for his character, and both are definitely present in this video.

I have always felt sympathy for the boy or girl during school activities that gets picked last. I’ve never experienced it but I have always had a special place in my heart for the kids that always get picked. I don’t usually get chosen to be a team captain either so it’s not like I could choose them. I’ve always admired those kids too because they keep coming back to play even though they know they will get judged and picked last anyway.


This movie I believe demonstrates the power in determination and in picking someone and training them up to become better and never forgetting about them. Even though Jeremy is a famous NBA player and you would think he would pick one of the older, taller, or stronger players, he didn’t forget about Chris and he still chose him.

Jeremy’s message through this video really touched me and it obviously touches many other people besides myself. This video made me tear up a little bit and it really spoke to me the power of perseverance and believing in yourself and believing in those who just need an extra push.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 at 8.41.36 PM


2 thoughts on “Last Pick

  1. I honestly love Jeremy Lin too! He has been in my top list of idols and he continues to inspire me everyday. I love his YouTube videos, and they always have a greater message within them that gives me the motivation to work hard and strive for my goals. I ALWAYS get the chills when watching his videos. He is the prime example of a dedicated, kind, and persevering man. It’s great to know that you shared this video to further spread his message! Keep up the good work Kayleen! LINSANITY FOREVER <3 -Naomi

    1. Linsanity will never die out! I was just looking up suggestions for youtube videos one day and this popped up. I wasn’t in the greatest mood and this video totally made my day and gave me some encouragement. So glad to hear that you love Jeremy Lin, his work, and this video!

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