Selflessness Brings More Smiles

When you are selfless, you can make more people happy because there are 7 billion possible people to make happy instead of just one, because there is only one of you.

It’s always hard to sacrifice and think of others before yourself and it’s always hard to try to be selfless. But if everyone does everything they can to honor others above themselves, that could be a monumental effect on the world.

World population

A really easy thing to do is in a sport. If you do everything you can to better the number under the team, you can make so many opportunities for others to be praised for their efforts. In basketball, if you dive on the floor for a ball and get it to someone who’s next to the basket, they can score. Even though the box score might not reflect your effort to better the team, it will reflect on someone else.

In anything, you can always do everything you can to make others happy and make life more enjoyable for others. You might not always get the praise, but you are certainly making life happier for yourself, satisfaction wise, and at least 1 of the 7 billion possible people in the world.


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