Facing Fear or Running Away?

Public Speaking? Confidence in front of a bunch of people?


Me and those things don’t always go together but sometimes, you need to learn to adapt and overcome what you’re scared of.

This week, I learned the importance of doing what you’re scared of to gain confidence so you can do it again. I was so anxious and nervous about going up in front of my class by myself with no one else to lean on. It was so scary but I realized after that the anxiousness I had before was necessary for me to face my fear.

My fear about public speaking isn’t so bad. But, there are lots of other things that I’m scared about, that I would rather not mention. :)


But, fear is necessary for us to succeed. For me personally, it gives me even more strength to overcome my fear because I feel even better after I KNOW I have conquered my fear. Hopefully, this feeling can become the same with you because

“There’s no better feeling than discovering the one thing that scares you out of your pants, and then doing it anyway.”

– Disney Movie ‘Girl vs. Monster’

We can never get rid of fear, but we can do everything we can to overcome it.


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