I Can Help You!

I’ve been still stressing out about my finals and when I need a study break I’m on, you guessed it, WordPress. I’m looking at my reader and looking at the blogs I follow and a lot of them are writing very positive and encouraging blog posts. I realize that a lot of times during tough times in life, we need someone to be there to be by our side and encourage us.

On my blog at the top menu, I have a tab called “Encouragement Requests?”If you ever have a specific trial or problem going on, you can always fill out the google form and I’ll be able to see it and you will have a blog post dedicated to your suggestion. It’s always been there but it’s the first time I’m advertising it and letting you viewers notice it!

I would really love to write a blog post catered to your needs and what you need encouragement with! I would be so honored if you would give me your ideas and I could help you! Hope I can help provide you with some helpful encouragement, uplifting, and inspiration!


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