I Got Nominated

Yesterday, I was stressing out studying for my first final for the first semester. And then I get a notification from WordPress that a wonderful friend of mine by the name of Dorothy Luong nominated me for the Liebster Award. She runs a wonderful blog at travelingincreation.wordpress.com where she posts videos and talks and gives her comments about them. She’s a really good writer and I love her unique input on the videos that she chooses.

Now, I have to answer the 10 questions that Dorothy wants me to answer:

1. Favorite Song? I would say Counting Stars by One Republic.

2. Random piece of advice? Don’t think about the pain of the trial but be grateful that it happened because you never know how it will help you.

3.  List things that make you happy: Family, Friends, Food, Church, and Life

4. What’s your favorite joke? I don’t really have one, a bunch a things make me laugh.

5. European vacation or beach getaway? European vacation of course, I live like 15 minutes away from the beach.

6. When you plan tic-tac-toe, do you pick x or o? Obviously, o.

7. How did you get your name? I’m not sure about my first name but I share a middle name with my grandma.

8. If you were a bowling pin, would you be knocked down easily? Probably or I would laugh and fall over before the ball came.

9. If you were a clock, what time would you be? 6:00 p.m. Because that’s dinner time and school is over by then.

10. If you were a candy, what would you be? I would be pecan turtles because those are my favorite candies!

Now, I get to nominate 10 of the blogs I follow with less than 200 other followers. If you are one of my nominees, you get to do this too. But, you can’t nominate one of my choices! Click on the blog names so you can follow them too!

1. Optimism is Everywhere by http://optimismiseverywhere.wordpress.com/ This one is from my friend that I have met through basketball and it’s super encouraging!

2. A Million Ways to Shine http://amillionwaystoshine.wordpress.com/ This one is from a girl from my school whose posts are really encouraging! Check out her post called Dear Parents if you’re ever stressed out.

3. The Infinite Wanderer http://theinfinitewandererclothing.wordpress.com/ This one is from my friend who is doing a clothing line for a project for her class.

4. He Wanted the Ball http://hewantedtheball.wordpress.com/ This one is from a guy in my English class who talks about the process of training his brother to be a better baseketball player.

5. Hero Basketball http://herobasketball.wordpress.com/This one is from twin brothers from my class who talk about basketball and their experiences and advice.

6. Viral News for You http://viralnews4you.wordpress.com/ This one is from a group of four bloggers, but I only know one of the bloggers and I always love whatever she posts.

7. This & That http://itslikethisnthat.wordpress.com/ This one is from a girl who posts lots about food and baking and it’s so good!

8. Delve into Disney http://delveintodisney.wordpress.com/ This is from a pair of people who talk about and relate everything to Disney. Who doesn’t love Disney?

9. A Bridge to Cross Over http://abridgetocrossover.wordpress.com/ This one is really encouraging blog from a guy who can talk about trials too.

10. Weirdly Wonderful http://rachellelaura.wordpress.com/ This is one of my friends who writes encouraging posts and about her experiences.

And here are my questions for my ten nominees to answer:

1. Favorite baked good?

2. Favorite Quote?

3. Favorite Social Media Site?

4. Ideal Vacation?

5. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

6. When was the last time you laughed?

7. What was the last thing you watched on TV?

8. If you were a number, what would you be?

9. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

10. Which store would you chose to max out your credit card?

Enjoy these new blogs! Congrats to my nominees and a SUPER HUGE shoutout to Dorothy for nominating me! Have a fantastic week!


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