Faced with Death? No Problem! Part II

It’s been almost about four months since I first blogged about my auntie who’s suffering from cancer. A lot has changed with her situation, however, nothing about her attitude has changed.

She hasn’t been able to get out of the house as often as she was the last time I told you about her. She usually sits in a hospital bed in her living room all day and rarely gets out of bed.  However, the last time she came to church to get out of the house and I saw her, you wouldn’t have known that she hadn’t been out of the house in weeks.

She still had her positive attitude even though she was in so much pain and had to be pushed around in a wheelchair. She can’t talk as much because her throat has been bothering her but she still cracks up jokes and laughs at every thing funny you tell her. You would never know that she was sick by how much she laughs!

Hospital birth photograph of a woman and husband laughing in hospital bed, black and white

Her attitude is even better than ever and she still radiates those positive vibes. She still never complains about her tough situation.

Her predicament with her current stage in her cancer journey is tough. She’s in a tough place mentally and physically. But for someone who could possibly pass away soon, she is still so joyful, grateful, and content with what many blessings she has.

Count Your Blessings Quotes Tumblr

She still inspires and encourages me every chance I get to see her and every time someone tells me about how her attitude is still so positive. Her attitude about her situation makes me forget about how bad any situation I’m in could ever be.

I believe that it’s so important that we have that one person that inspires us to share contagious encouragement. And that person who inspires me so greatly is this auntie of mine.


3 thoughts on “Faced with Death? No Problem! Part II

  1. Kayleen, your aunt is amazing! She has such positive attitude even she is going through some REALLY tough hardships. I wish your aunt the best of luck in her recovery :)

    1. Thank you so much for admiring my aunt! She is really a great person and I know you would really think she’s encouraging too. Thank you so much for support in honor of her!

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