Never Judge a Book by its Cover

I know this video might look cliché but I really liked this one.

Before Johnathan Antoine and Charlotte Jaconelli sang their performance of “The Prayer”, the whole audience and even Simon Cowell were looking funny at the two of them like they couldn’t sing. But, once the two of them started singing, everyone’s faces turned to smiles and they were so impressed with how well they could sing despite what they first perceived of them.

The first time I watched this performance I had the same perception of the two of them, but once I heard their voices together it was magic. My face turned to a smile too.

Stories like these prove that you can’t judge a book by its cover. One’s first perception isn’t always the correct one.

Anything from meeting a new friend to doing an odd and unique mix mash activity in school instead of the normal reading of a book, you can’t judge things before they actually happen.

It’s always so important to keep an open mind in anything. Close mindedness can always turn something into a negative. So always remember to keep an open mind because you never know how it can impress you or what new experience could come out of it.


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