Father Daughter Love

Even though Thanksgiving was a week ago, I am still constantly thinking of the abundant amount of things I’m thankful for.

An obvious one is always family and friends, but I truly am thankful for my parents. They do so much for me and they usually don’t get that much appreciation from me because I’m so used to them doing so many things for me. However, I find that I’m very grateful that I have a strong relationship with my dad because many girls don’t or have unfortunately already lost their fathers.

My dad is always there for me and willing to try his best to help me at something, even if he knows he can’t do that much. What I appreciate a lot about him is he finds time to help me work on my basketball skills. He’s so considerate that he said he would find time to take me to open gyms they’re having on Sunday nights!

Now, that’s a strong bond and a lot of fatherly love.

This strong relationship can also be seen between Lucy and Dr. Manette is Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. Even though Dr. Manette has been in jail for a long period of time and hasn’t been able to be in contact with Lucy, when they meet up, that strong father daughter bond instantly appears. They’re always seen together with interlocking arms and showing the love they have for one another.

It’s so amazing to see the people we love so dearly in our lives make sacrifices for us. It makes me want to make the same or even bigger sacrifices for the people I appreciate too. Take some time and look at the people you love dearly. You don’t know how many sacrifices they’re willing to make to show their appreciation and love for you!!


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