Good Change of Plans

This week for my English class, we went to one of the teachers at our school to see if she liked and approved our idea for the innovation project we’re doing. We were really excited about our first idea, however, at first she was hinting at that she didn’t really like it. But, she did talk to us some more and found a different idea for us to carry out.

My group and I were a little disappointed at first because our new idea wasn’t what we originally imagined; but after we looked at it through a different perspective, we realized that our new idea could turn out better than our original plan.

In life, there are always going to be circumstances that make us change our plans. However, we must never think that changing the plan means the end of a great idea or journey. Remembering that there’s always an alternative is an essential to being positive.

Remember that there’s always another option; maybe even a better one. Stay positive when things change and it might not turn out so bad!


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