Letting Go or Holding On?

In my English class recently, we watch one of the most inspirational movies I’ve ever seen in an academic class.

The story of Hank Gathers, Bo Kimble, Paul Westhead, and the Loyola Marymount players is so encouraging and motivating.

I think most people would get out the message of the love that the Loyola Marymount players and Paul Westhead showed after Hank passed away.

However, I think I got a different message out of it. I see the player’s abilities to let go of their situation and their tragedy to move forward and play better than they ever had.

The scene in the movie after Hank’s tragic death, everyone on the team and that was part of the program was speechless. They all looked like they wanted to cry and that made me so upset and I cried too. It showed me that they all really cared about that Loyola Marymount team and they all really cared about Hank.

It seemed to me that they would never recover and become the same team that they once were.

“The one thing I knew was pulling the team together would be the easy part. Getting over Hank, that was going to be impossible.”

– Paul Westhead

However, lead by new team captain Bo Kimble, it seemed that they became a new team. They went into the NCAA championships fired up and ready to dedicate the entire journey to Hank. With the #44 patch shining bright on their  jerseys, they went every game with Hank in the back of their minds.

“The game was the only time in the day when we felt relief.”

– Paul Westhead

I think the defining moment of the movie for me was when Bo took the tribute freethrow. It showed me that he had finally moved on and they weren’t dwelling in the past and being upset that they lost Hank.

“This one’s for Hank. And it felt so good.”

– Tom Peabody

I’ve had this experience happen to me and my team; but it wasn’t the death of one of my teammates. We lost to the other really good team in our league. In order to win our league, we had to win the rest of our season games. We thought everything was over because the fate of how we would finish in league was in our hands. However, we all had faith in ourselves and each other to finish first. In the end, we did finish in first place and it felt so good.

In life, trials are going to come, no doubt. However, the important thing is that we move on form those trials. We can’t dwell in the past if we want to move forward. And we can’t hold on if we want to let go.


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