Overcoming Despite Adversity

This young boy’s actions, personality, and outlook on life is so encouraging.

At the beginning of the video, I was super sad and depressed about the boy’s situation. I was really upset at how he was constantly getting picked on and being teased.

I don’t quite know what the other kid’s motives were; but they were intending to embarrass him and make him doubt his self confidence. I don’t appreciate when anyone bullies someone else; especially this boy because they didn’t know of the abilities he had that he didn’t show to other people.

However, when he started to use dance as a means to free himself from the chaos and burdens that was going on around him, that changed my mood. It made me excited and inspired that he found a way to turn the negative aspects of life that were going on around him into something positive. I believe that his dancing improved when his circumstances got tougher and it was so encouraging to see that his dancing got better even though his parents were fighting and he was getting picked on at school.

Then, when that one person sent him the note that said “Teach me”; that was turning point in that movie for me. It showed me that all the boy was doing to turn around his circumstances was secretly noticed by someone else. That one person was inspired to want to overcome adversity in that same way.

This short film inspired me the most because the boy overcame the trials and hardships of his life through something that he loved. The positive light that he showed through overcoming his obstacles inspired other people to fight to overcome troubles too. The way that one boy decided to overcoming adversity could start a chain reaction of many people being inspired to overcome hardships too.

Sometimes, it may seem like life is just too hard and we’re never going to be able to get a grip on our circumstances. However, if we just find the encouragement and inspiration to overcome adversity, you may never know who you may inspire.


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