Dear Missing Sock,

To that Missing Sock,

This is kind of weird. But, I’m really glad that you’re missing at the moment. Normally, I get super depressed and upset at myself that I lost you in the first place. However, today my daughter told me that she failed to complete her biology assignment and she’s bound to receive an F as her final grade.

At first, I got so upset at her. I wanted to yell at her until my lungs burst. Then, for some reason I thought of you. Because of my carelessness, I lost you in the first place and now I realize more than ever that I really need you. I didn’t want to let my carelessness and overreacting over a silly grade cause me to lose my daughter. I may have lost you forever. I didn’t want the same for my daughter. In the future, I’m going to need her more than anything and you reminded me to try to keep her for as long as I can. Thanks after all for being lost because today, you helped me keep something super important.

Now, I’m no mother but the note above might apply to your parents or it might not.

In my English class, my teacher had us write to a missing sock about one of three situations in character’s shoes. If you couldn’t tell, I chose to write as a parent about my daughter’s F in her biology class. Now, as first you might think it’s weird to write to a missing sock. Like, who does that? But, I think that writing to a missing sock brought out a piece of writing that I didn’t know could ever come out of me.

It also can teach everyone an important lesson for life. We can never let a small thing like a grade, or an argument cause us to lose someone we love. Maybe yelling at your daughter about one grade will make her leave the house for good. Or maybe yelling at your best friend over some little thing could cause you to lose them forever.

I think it’s so important that we be conscientious about our actions and words because you never know the impact that they will have on others.

Maybe if you write a letter to that one missing sock, you can be inspired to not let the little things in life cause us to lose the even bigger things.dear missing sock, (1)


2 thoughts on “Dear Missing Sock,

  1. Wow, your take on a parent’s perspective really helped me put myself in my parents’ shoes. I know they only want what’s best for me and for me to do my best, but sometimes it feels like I can never make them happy. I really liked the insight in your post.

    1. Thanks so much Stephanie. I’m so glad that you liked it. My parents aren’t so tough on me but I feel that a lot of people, including you, are pressured too much by their parents. I feel like they just want a better future for us than they ever had. :)

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