Courage Can Be Contagious

This is one of those super cute love stories of how a lady helped someone and wasn’t supposed to walk but she found a way to walk down the aisle on her wedding day.

I know there are many stories like these but Alissa Boyle really stood out to me.

As read from her website, she and her friend had compassion and originally were just taking time out of their trip to the nursing hospital to help someone out. But, their love for that man grew larger than they had first intended.

Alissa and her friend Cami’s courage to jump off the overpass at first seems very scary. I can’t even imagine thinking of jumping off an overpass as to save my life, let alone someone else’s. Then, I think about it a little deeper and the situation seems so unfortunate and depressing. The outcome of Alissa, Cami, and the injured driver makes me super sad and almost upset at the truck driver as well.

However, after I watch her wedding story video, it’s so encouraging that she found a way to make her dreams come true even though she was at fault from her new disabilities.

Her story is so motivating and I feel that she is an inspiration to me to find the courage to even do the smallest things. When I’m afraid to try something new because I’m afraid to fail, I am encouraged by her story because she had no fear.  But she had the courage to make her dreams come true even though she could have failed.

I know I’m repeating this quote. But, I feel that this quote is so important to this story and it’s so applicable. A lot of people in life think of what they want to do in life and some may come up with the craziest ideas. However, no dream is impossible because all we need is a little courage and motivation.

I have big dreams for my future even though I’m only in high school; but I can take encouragement from Alissa’s contagious story. Everyone’s going to have difficult decisions and times that can hold us back from pursuing all our wildest dreams. But when those rough waters come, remember Alissa’s story and her courage to overcome her obstacles.


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