Forgive and Forget

Show me how to love the unlovable, Show me how to reach the unreachable, Help me now to do the impossible
Forgiveness, Forgiveness

– Matthew West, “Forgiveness”

Forgiveness is such a touchy subject and I don’t think anyone really likes to talk about it because it’s so difficult for us to do it. I personally struggle with forgiving my siblings for things they do and I also have a hard time with asking for forgiveness from others.

It’s so hard to forgive others. Sometimes I don’t forgive someone just to prove a point to that person of all the pain they have caused me. However, over time, I feel that not forgiving them eats away at me and makes me feel even more pain than I originally had.

In another relation to Sophocles’s “Antigone”, Creon didn’t forgive Antigone for what she had done for her brother. He sent her to a stone chamber to die and she eventually did. However, the events that followed after Antigone’s death ultimately resulted in the death of Creon’s grudge and pride. He realized that he needed to forgive Antigone; but it was too late.

Situations like those result in us feeling like a prisoner because it’s so hard to forgive and forget. I think everyone at one point in their lives has or will struggle with learning to forgive and forget.

The story of the lady below is so uplifting. Her ability to forgive and forget is so encouraging. I don’t think I would ever be able to do something like that. Her compassion towards that gentleman was amazing. The song that Matthew West wrote about that lady’s story explains the importance of forgiveness and what it means to us. I am so inspired to work on forgiving others myself by Renee’s story. Matthew West’s song and interpretation on forgiveness is always a reminder of how forgiving and forgetting can release the prisoner trapped inside of all of us.


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