The Humility of a Great Athlete

Nowadays, in any sport, an athlete is mostly judged by others on how well they play their game. That causes many players to do all they can to make themselves look like a good player and brag and boast about all they do.

It seems like people want to get noticed by others and they try so hard to tell others about their accomplishments without making it too obvious. However, there is one athlete I know of that has that humility that every athlete should aim for.

He’s probably a lesser known tennis player, Michael Chang. I was privileged to watch him play a match against a good family friend of mine. Everyone, including myself, that was watching the match was in awe of his skill and talent. We would clap, scream, and shout for him, and he wouldn’t make a big scene about it and just gave a nod to the crowd.

His humility despite all the praise he was receiving was very encouraging. To see an athlete of his stature displaying humility like that was remarkable.

“Be concerned more with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”

– John Wooden

Michael Chang is such an inspiration because he focuses on his humility; rather than taking praise and using it to make himself better. You can see by the way he plays and how he takes compliments that he’s definitely worried more about his character rather than his reputation. His character is so inspiring because he makes me want to work on having humility like his.

Humility and having good character isn’t something that needs to be difficult. We just need to find the motivation to not worry about our reputation as much as our character. Because in the end, people will remember your character rather than the long list of accomplishments that you’re trying so hard to create.

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2 thoughts on “The Humility of a Great Athlete

  1. I have never thought of being an athlete like this before! The whole concept of humbleness and modesty is mind blowing. Being a runner and a swimmer, I just race my all and try to score points for the overall team score in the meet. For me, it was never truly about individual time advancement, but about getting the fire and ferocity to compete and bring prestige to the team. And if we, the team, are great, shouldn’t we be proud of it? Excited? Rather than blowing it off? #theprideseekingmonster it seems very hard to have humility like Michael Chang.

    1. I’m so glad that you found inspiration and a new found thinking from this post. Being a basketball player, I wanted to write this post because nowadays everyone only looks at the points and stats, so I wanted to really talk about how humility is such an important factor when you play any sport! Thanks so much for the feedback!

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