The 180 Degree Turn Around

Okay, now based on the picture you see above, you probably think I’m weird. I know the Biggest Loser doesn’t seem like a good show because you just watch people lose weight. But, I see it as more than that. The show might just be about watching the journey of overweight people shed hundreds of pounds; however, the motivation that they find during the show’s process is remarkable.

Not only does their motivation want me to find that same motivation, a lot of the contestants stories are so encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring. One of those very contestants is on the current season and his name is David Brown from Edmond, Oklahoma.

As mentioned in an article, David’s story is tragic and when I heard him talk about it on the television, I started balling. Not only is he a widow; but he lost his wife to brain cancer. In addition to that, he had to tell his two young daughters about their mother’s passing. But, what is encouraging from this tragic part of his story is that he promised his wife he would take care of their daughters. However, because of his immense size and numerous health issues, he might not live long enough to provide for them. It seems like he had pretty much lost everything. His wife, motivation, hope, future… Although he seemed like he had nothing left living for, that promise to his wife gave him the motivation to do the “180 Degree Turn Around”. David was going so far along the wrong path that he needed a huge amount of encouragement and motivation to turn around and find a way to be there for his children. He went on the Biggest Loser and that’s when it all changed for him. If you watch the episode, the week was very emotional for him; but at the end of the week he lost 38 pounds. Those 38 pounds signified his turn around towards a new future.

Even though the two seem like polar opposites, the “180 Degree Turn Around” happened to Oedipus in Sophocles’s “Oedipus in Colonus”. Oedipus’s costly actions had caused him to lose everything. His father, mother, future, hope, popularity. Creon almost took away his two daughters, which would’ve completely ruined Oedipus’s life.  Although it seemed like he would die because he had nothing left, he found the courage and motivation to stand up to Creon and find a way to have him give his daughters back over.

This same principle is true in life. There are going to times in life when we seem to lose everything or we actually will lose everything. We can keep living life as a sad story and be depressed about our situation.

Or we can choose to find motivation to complete the “180 Degree Turn Around”. It doesn’t take that much effort to turn our lives around. All we need is the motivation to start. :)


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