The Loyalty and Devotion of a Good Friend

I recently found this short movie a week or two ago and I have grown to realize the message behind it. I love how Pixar expresses loyalty and friendship through a very cute movie. It’s so encouraging that the bird helps out the rainy cloud even though that cloud doesn’t fit in. That bird seems embarrassed at first to be seen helping out the cloud who can only make destructive things. But he learns to accept him and comes back stronger to help him out.

After I finished watching this, I wonder how the movie would be different if that bird decided to leave the rainy cloud and go serve a different cloud. It made me think about the people in my life that care about me so much and put up with me all the time.

The great Sophocles included this same idea into his story “Oedipus at Colonus”. Oedipus blinded himself from all his shame; but his daughter Antigone stayed with him to guide him. She remained loyal to him even though she was probably embarrassed from all that her father had done.

The same thing goes with the bird and the rain cloud. The bird stayed with the rainy cloud, even though he was getting beat up and bruised. He found a friendship with the cloud and learned to accept him for who he was. The bird took some time to get himself together and he came back with his protection, ready to help out the rain cloud when there was no one to help him.

This movie encourages me to become more like the bird and stand by my friends and family. Even though I might not feel like I’m the right person to help them, the bird teaches me to remember to always be there for them. If being devoted to that person becomes difficult, I need to remember to take a breather and come back with a new perspective; because the loyalty that I give to that one person can inspire them to


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