Composure and Teamwork During Struggles

I love playing basketball. It’s a passion of mine and that feeling when you make a huge jump shot or hit that huge freethrow that can win the game for your team… I love that feeling. I love playing with my team and bonding with them and giving each other the biggest hug or high five after they accomplish something huge.


Team sports, I think, are an important thing for everyone to be apart of because the moments with your team can impact and inspire everyone that’s a part of them.

Just the other day, I had my first game of the new preseason with my new team. It wasn’t going so well at the beginning because my team was down by 10 points late in the game. And even though we were down, my coach didn’t get upset and my team didn’t give up the positive mentality that we always have. We started playing as if we weren’t down and we went on a scoring streak. We ended up winning the game by two points.

I know you may think, that’s just a basketball game. But, to me it was more than that.

My coach said after the game that we won because we kept composure when we were down and we worked together as a team. Season for my new team is just starting but I feel that my team is one huge family.

 I think that what I learned can pertain to what everyone can learn from life.

When we go through struggles, it’s important to keep composure. Even though it seems like life can be so hard,  I believe it’s critical to just take a moment, calm ourselves down and reestablish ourselves in a mindset that reminds us to never give up. Sometimes things may seem like they can never get accomplished, but we must remember to stay focused and calm and to persevere.

When we go through struggles, I also think it’s important to have a strong team to back you up. Everyone needs support when they’re struggling. In life when things get tough, friends and family are the people that will be there to help you never give up and stay focused on persevering. Ohana can help us to get through tough times; and composure can remind us to never quit.


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