How to Make Everyone Smile

Do you know someone that pushes you off the edge? Do you know someone that all you can do is hate them?

Well…  what if you could

 20 years and realize that they would become a new person? Would you treat them different in the present if you knew they would turn out to become a better person?

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the good in a person if all you think all they will be is rude, mean, or pessimistic. But, what if you treated that person nicely and with respect because you knew who they would become?

I think a lot of times in life we misjudge people who we think we could never become friends with or never be nice to. However, I think everyone needs to learn to treat everyone as if they’re a good person.

People may think that excluding someone or not treating them appropriately is a good consequence for not showing appropriate character. But looking at someone in a positive light and treating them as though you truly like them, it may turn their attitude around. You may never know if they were just having a bad day, or if they had been going through a tough time, or they had been facing for a trial for several days or weeks.

But, what if you just look at that person in a positive light.

Just smile at them.

Or do a small, simple something for them, like opening a hallway door at school.

Maybe YOU can make their day. Maybe YOU can change their view about life and make that positive person come out 20 years before it’s due.

Because you can’t have a perfect day yourself unless you do something nice and even super simple for someone who can never repay you.


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